by Cathleen M. ©2003

The four of us went to Point Defiance Park one rainy Saturday morning in May. The Pacific Northwest is known for its moody spring weather, but we were lucky enough to have sun breaks. I was not quite sure if I was up for the adventure of Hallie (age 2), Maddie (age 5), and Corina (age 12) all day at the zoo, but it seemed like it would be easy enough as long as I could keep them all interested.

Since we all liked sea creatures best, we started at the aquarium. The colors of all the fish were amazing and the girls petted a starfish. When the rain broke we headed down towards the homes of the walrus, otters and whales.

We arrived at the underground viewing tank first. One display showed the sharp decline in whale population and reminded me that humans have been grossly irresponsible with gifts from the earth. Whales were quickly going extinct. I'd read recently that whales had offered themselves at the beginning of time as reminders to humans of other star nations and the language of spirit. In Native American tradition, whales are the record keepers and hold the secrets and history of human development on earth.

I wondered then if I could somehow communicate with a whale. My Reiki instructor taught us how to send light and sound along with the Reiki symbols and divine energy. What if I sent a message on sound waves? I joined the girls at the glass viewing area.
It saddened me to see such a magnificent creature held in miserably small containment. It seemed like living one's whole life in the living room of a house rather than experiencing the vast ocean that is the world. The great mammals skin was marked, perhaps from bumping the barrier between itself and physical freedom.

As in past visits to the zoo, the beautiful being began to swim rhythmically in a circle. I was inspired to whisper to the children, "Let's put our hands on the glass and when the whale comes around, say 'I love you'." At the same time I began to test my theory of sending sound from my hands and my heart chakra. I tried to communicate by talking to the whale with my mind, sending the words on waves from my heart, like "thank you so much for coming and for staying on Earth even though humans have behaved poorly over time. We love you and appreciate your intelligence and hope to do right by you. I'm sorry you are trapped in here. We will try not to fail your trust in us."

The whale broke rhythm and stopped in front of us as if attempting to brush her smooth body against our palms. The stranger next to me declared in quiet amazement, "it's like it knows." Of course, I thought and she was trying to tell us something as well. "What do you think she is trying to say?" I asked aloud.

Hallie was getting antsy, so we all moved to the upper level to look down in the pool where the whale swam. Although there were fences, the conditions made it easier to send energy because of the open space above the pool. I was curious to see if the whale would keep to the circle or maybe break pattern because of the messages I was sending. I began to channel energy once more and sent love to the whale. Soon she deviated from her pattern and came up for air in a different spot of the pool. Corina looked at me, rather confused, and asked, "Did you hear that?"

"Hear what?" I asked.

"The letter 'm'."

"No", I replied. "You heard her say a letter?" When Corina nodded I suggested, "see if there are more."

Each time the whale made a round, Corina heard a different letter of the alphabet, until the whale had spelled 'maol'. "That is all. I don't hear any more letters," she declared. The whale broke the surface then with its snout and opened wide shaking her head back and forth. We both noticed zoologists looking over at us and decided it was time to leave.

I was fascinated. I had no idea what the word spelled, if anything, but it was a unique experience. I had known Corina for little over a year and knew that she exhibited signs of empathic ability. I had studied Indigo children theories, read new age philosophies and heard the predictions for the new earth. Still, while witnessing a phenomenon it is difficult to absorb all the feelings and try to rationalize what is happening. I tried to remain calm, despite the fact I was filled with excitement and trepidation at the meaning of the word maol. I had worked diligently to open my heart and mind to the possibility of these kinds of talents and beheld it as a miracle.

Corina is a quiet, shy, and introspective PRE-teen. She knows her mind. She was sure of what she heard. I hoped that the word she heard did have a meaning that spoke to her and meant something in the world. I feel blessed to have been there to share in her moment of discovery. She can understand whales! Hesitant at first with the realization of this unique talent, over the rest of the visit to the zoo, the ramifications set in.

"What do you think it means, Cathleen?" she asked.

"I don't know. It could be a different language, or an ancient language that no one knows, or it could have been just letters and the whale attempting to communicate anything we might understand." I did not want to set Corina up for disappointment, as I was not sure if maol meant anything at all. "When we get home go to 'google' and type in 'meaning of maol'.

"What do you think my mom will say?"

"I think she will be happy for you and understand. That is why you chose her to be your mother. I don't believe you would have discovered this sacred talent, if your mom was not ready to support you in."

When we arrived home, the first thing Corina did was log on to the Internet. She ran excitedly back out to the truck I was cleaning to tell me what she had discovered. "Um, Cathleen I am not sure if this means anything, but some of the hits that came up for the 'meaning of maol' say it is a Gaelic word and something about a Saint."

Dumbstruck, I calmly said, "I will take a look at it when I get back in the house." I was still reserving my opinion. It was in fact a Gaelic word that was used to designate the servant of a Saint, originating as a 'devotee of Mary, servant of Jesus." It is also a word in the Akashic records meaning 'bald or tonsured'. I suspected whom the message was for and what the whale was trying to communicate. A quiet acceptance washed over me and I rejoiced in the knowledge that the whales see the divinity in us all.

There are so many blessings in the sea, on the earth and in the sky if we only take a moment to look and listen. These beings recognize us. They are witnesses of the choices we make and our mirrors. They reflect everything we are and do. Do we have the courage to see with honest eyes?
Two months ago, Corina would not have had the courage to speak up and share her gift with me, with anyone. How was I before I hid my gifts? Perhaps, the world was not ready then. The world is ready now. I will do my best not to deny myself the joy and self-appreciation in realizing potential. It is our duty and our pleasure to share these gifts with the world. Listen, and hear the voice of the Divine.