Excerpt from the book: Doorway to Eternity
by Kiara Windrider

5. Swimming with Dolphins and Whales

It was in Hawaii that I had a direct experience. I was interested in the concept of the "global brain," the idea that the next stage of our evolution would be to experience ourselves as a single planetary consciousness. The whales were the ones who showed me that this was not just an idea in my head.
I had moved to Hawaii in early 1999. I lived in a little cabin among the fruit plantations near Kealakekua Bay. Every morning I would don my flippers and snorkel gear and jump into this beautifully tranquil bay. Kealakekua is a dolphin sanctuary, and wild spinner dolphins would often come into the bay to rest and play among the shallow waters. Over a period of months I got to know them better as they got to know me. I learned to communicate with them through pictures and through the language of the heart. When swimming with them, any sense of personal identity would simply dissolve. I joined with them in a place that was neither human nor dolphin, a place of pure joyful-playful-being.
I learned a lot about myself. Over the years I had built a whole set of identities around myself. I was a spiritual teacher and a healer. I was sensitive and compassionate. I was a good person with much to offer. I was deep. The problem with all this was that I had become so identified with this image of myself that these very identities became a mask. I found myself carefully protecting this image lest someone see through me into a place that was vulnerable or uncertain, angry or unloving or fearful, depressed or shy. I was forever comparing myself to others, and my sense of self came from how I felt others perceived me, and whether I thought I was good enough or lovable enough. And so of course I had to put on my best face at all times. I was losing my sense of spontaneity and childlike wonder. I was losing my ability to live from my heart.
The dolphins didn't care for any of that. They became my mirrors. When I got lost behind my masks, whether in self-importance or in self-deprecation, they would stay away. When I let go of the masks of identity, they would come around and we would enter together into ecstatic play. Eventually, I learned that it was safe to let go even of the mask of being human. Here, we could meet in a space of pure essence, and that is when they truly welcomed me into their pod.
I will never forget the day that the four elders of the pod first swam with me cheek to cheek inseparably for an hour, making deep eye contact that entire time. It felt like an initiation into pod consciousness. I felt myself falling deeply in love with these beautiful wild dolphins, falling deeply in love with all of myself, and deeply in love with love itself. I learned about communicating from the heart. As I would enter into the state of love and join it with an intention or a picture, they would respond immediately. I felt awed and so deeply grateful for my new friends.
I learned about my attachments as well. I loved my dolphin family, and often found myself feeling more connected to their world than to my own. I would fall into bouts of great depression if a day went by and they didn't show up, and so of course they stayed away. When they did come in, they would seem to be totally ignoring me while playing around with everyone else. I finally realized they were confronting my deepest fears of separation, abandonment, jealousy, and loss, all these things that are so much part of our normal human neurosis. I never experienced any kind of judgment from them, but always a direct reflection and feedback to whatever form of energy I was putting out. I learned more from these unconditionally loving and compassionate teachers than I ever had in any ashram or meditation retreat.
Then one day I had an encounter with a mother and baby whale, which again changed my perception of life forever. As I approached the bay for my customary swim I noticed a spout of water. My heart leaped within me. Although I had seen whales often on their migration paths through these waters, I had not seen them here so close to shore. I swam out in the general direction where I'd seen the spout, then closed my eyes and called out to them in the way I had learned to do with dolphins.
When I opened my eyes it was to see a huge humpback female directly beneath me. At first I panicked. What if she chose to surface just now? What if I got flipped around or sucked under by her immense size? Then I realized that she was very minutely aware of my frail presence, that each movement she made was very deliberate, and that she would never let harm come to me in any way. I relaxed, and we entered into a space of communion, while her baby playfully wove his way in and out, through and around us.
Suddenly I found I was no longer locked into my physical body. As I merged with the consciousness of the whale, I found myself expanding far out into the Earth, entering into her consciousness, and becoming one with her body. I was the Earth. I was Gaia, Goddess of the Earth. I could feel the vastness of her form and of her being, and it was inside me as I was inside her. I realized there was literally no separation between us, and I realized that this was the consciousness that the whales lived in all of the time. They were the guardians and holographic reflections of the very life of Mother Earth in a way that most of us in human skin cannot begin to imagine. I felt immensely privileged to experience this glimpse of truth. Time stopped, and ecstasy filled my body, in wave upon wave of understanding and joy. There has always and forever been only one of us here!
Later, as I went back to my cabin and began to write of my experience, I knew that this connection with my humpback friend would always remain, and through her, my connection with the soul of the Earth. In that merging of our consciousness, a pathway opened up within me that has remained open ever afterwards. Or perhaps the pathway has always existed, but the whale taught me to access it, and to trust what I was feeling. Here is what she had to say:

Dearly beloved, we invite you to surge into our consciousness. Our consciousness is circular. Let yourself be lifted up into that which we are, so we may communicate to you that which you are. We are within the mind of Gaia. Gaia is circular, like we are, and we carry the records and memories of all time and space of that which has been and that which is emerging. Listen. Listen well. Let your breath become circular; let your bodies run with circular energy. Play. A human child is circular because it knows how to play. Set that child free within you.
You, Kiara, have felt our physical presence and allowed your circle to join with ours in this communion. You have felt our joined spirits encircling the universe. Henceforth you will always remember the way, for we have created a passageway from your submerged mind to your surface mind, and you can likewise hold that presence for others by allowing your physical form to blend with our whale form within your consciousness.
Please realize that when the opening between your submerged mind and your surface mind is of sufficient scale, the same energies that circulate through us and that circulate through your ascended masters can circulate through you. We are within you, and are so pleased that you have chosen to swim so close to greet us through the doorway of Sirius. Call on us when you choose and our presence will blend with you.
We wish to speak with you now about who we are and the contribution we make towards Earth's evolution. We are anchors for what you may term Christ consciousness in the mindfield of Gaia. We construct and maintain the lines of force that you call the grids of light around Earth's body. For our bodies have knowledge of these lines of force, and our consciousness creates the bridge as we interdimensionally merge with Gaia. There are some among us who are ascended masters too. We join with your human and stellar masters to create the Earth grids with our soundings, a different song every year.
Your Aborigines of old knew about these songlines of creation, but many of you have forgotten. Learn to listen to the sound of your own souls and to the songs of Gaia. There is a grand current of sound that flows through every cell of your body, that flows through the songlines of Earth, that creates all the geometries of life. As you listen to these songs, you will recognize within your own bodies where the songlines are unbalanced. You are circular, holographic beings. As you invite balance, and expand into the consciousness of Gaia, you sound forth the balancing of these light grids around your planetary body.
The time for separation, the time for limitation, has ended. Your love will become as oceanic as ours. Make a bridge from your heart to your center. Then focus on the center in the back of your head at the medulla, and then reconnect back to your heart. This will attune you to the cycles and rhythms of life. You will blend easier with the cosmic ocean. You will be energized and spirit will be strong within you. We will open to you the records of our memories, and yours, so that you may consciously read and interpret the records of your soul.
It is through the medulla that you access the consciousness of Gaia. For this is where the breath of life extends out to cosmos. This is where the blowhole is for us. The crown and medulla are merged for us. The crown is your vertical connection with spirit. The medulla is your spherical connection with all of cosmic creation, the realm of soul.
Spirit is masculine, soul is feminine. You need to master your connection with spirit on the vertical axis, and also to understand fully the realms of soul, in ever expanding concentric spheres. For this is how we merge into the body and soul of Gaia. The vertical dimension of spirit and the spherical dimensions of soul are brought together in the heart.
So as you make the spirit connection, blend the energies of Earth, Sun, body, heart, and mind along a vertical shaft of light. Plunge deep into Earth Sun, soar high up to Cosmic Sun. Then bring your attention to the heart, and feel the sound currents as you open out in widening concentric spheres to embrace all creation. Feel your body expanding out accordingly, as you are experiencing now, and the stars will become the cells of your galactic body. This is how we serve as record keepers, by merging our consciousness with the mindfields of the cosmos, or as you would call them, the Akashic Records. In this merging, all things past, present, and future are registered within the eternity of a moment, and can be brought forth as desired. And this is how we seed the cosmos for the possibilities of new creation, as we sing our songs of life in blended union.
Dear one, you are in a cycle of fullness right now, fullness of love, fullness of life's gifts and opportunities, fullness of spirit, fullness of heart. Swim with us every day, whether in the oceans in our physical presence, or during your quiet moments in our cosmic presence. We blend with the consciousness of Sanat Kumara, Pan, and the Lords of Time and Space, to serve as the Oversoul of Gaia. Attune to the one we know as the Great One, who is the White Whale of your legends, and one of the overlords of Sirius, which is our galactic home. We have represented the right brain of Gaia, as your species has represented the left brain. The time is here now that we are joining together as one planetary body within one unified mind that embraces all of Gaia's creatures. Let this message stir deep within you the codes of remembering. We blend with you. Receive through us the love of Mother Gaia!

6. Message from The Great One
A few days later I received a message from the White Whale, oversoul of the whale kingdoms, which I reproduce here in full. Please allow these words to sink below the surface mind and into the submerged mind:

This is The Great One. I have come in response to your questions spoken and unspoken. I have come to share not only information but a certain consciousness. It is time to awaken to this consciousness within you, for this is the reason you were constructed.
Do not denigrate the human form. The human form is one of the highest biological forms for the embodiment of spirit.
We will go back through the Mindfields of Gaia to the beginnings of time. Time is creation, creation that began in the mind of Prime Creator, and there was no meaning except in the unfoldment, except in the continual creation, except in that deep awareness and passion to recreate and extend itself.
And so, through the word, through the vibration of that first intent, was created the songlines, and then there was light, and within that light manifested different levels of awareness that led to the creation of dimensions, and within these dimensions form could be played out as ideas generated and regenerated themselves.
And so, many, many, many pathways later various seedings took place. Forms were created. Among them were we, among them were you. Spirit formed itself in biological forms, and our destiny has always been the same-to reunite in the fullness of time to complete the cycle, to gather back to Source all of learning, all of creation.
We carry a certain awareness in our attunement to the higher dimensions. What you call higher dimension is to us spherical, and in this spherical knowing, there is no higher, there is no lower. There is here a fullness of understanding, of knowing, for this quality has no separation within itself. This quality is still connected with the One Source within all of this diversity. It is a quality that your biological circuitry is also meant to carry, to embody. It is a quality that those among you that you know of as Ascended Masters have embodied just as fully. It is a quality that many races throughout the galaxies have achieved, and it is the quality that you are about to achieve more fully than any species ever before, simply because you are no longer an isolated species.
There are representatives among you from across the galaxies, across the dimensions, across the universes. And so what you seek to create now is a living being, an extended being that is far vaster than individual ascended beings. There are few planets that have ascended from this level of density, and of these none that have the destiny that your planet possesses, simply because none have the diversity which your planet possesses. A new order of creation comes into being as you prepare for this moment. We are here with you. We have always been eager to assist, even when our task was not understood by you.
Know now that there is a manifestation of my presence in the oceans as a white whale. The Aborigines know of this. It occurs in their prophecies. Like the white buffalo was born on this continent in fulfillment of prophecy, so is this white whale born in fulfillment of prophecy.
The time is near now when this grand awakening of planetary consciousness is due. We have prepared the grids of the Earth to sustain a new level of vibratory frequency. If it were not so, the new frequencies that have been pouring in could not be anchored and the Earth herself could not survive.
There are what you call gamma ray bursts flooding the Earth-many hundreds, many thousands in the last few years since this grid has been completed. Her soundings have changed. Her songs have changed. Her songs are like the templates, and within these templates creation can be determined with great precision.
As the left brain of planet Earth, your intentions, your understandings, and your direction is much required. Feel our presence within your presence. It is time for us to join what has been separate for too long.
Ascension has been a mystery to many of you. The mystery lies not in the how or even in the why. The mystery has lain in your mind's great inclination to doubt. The mystery has been in the "if," because you do not feel that you know the way, because you have been separated from those deep knowings within you, because you have given way to your doubts and your fears. It has been a great "if." It holds you back from the recognition of the simplicity of this process.
Dear Ones, this is so simple. Please do not doubt. In fact, this is your destiny.
Your bodies were meant to be receptors of light. You know this. You know that your DNA is equipped for far more than you are currently experiencing. You know of the 64 codons to be awakened. You know of the twelve strands. You know that this has been and will be again.
You know what holds you back. There are many, many, many layers of conditioning and unbelief, and it is the collective barrier that you must break through. We are assisting in this as you call upon us to be of service. The answers may not be a conscious awareness of minds. The answers lie in that deep submerged layer where there is a cellular knowing.
Your bodies understand what your minds do not. Please listen to the body and allow it sacred audience within you. Focus on the medulla in the back of your head. It is a newly emerging planetary center that is a parallel development to the vertical axis of the chakras along the pranic tube. This is the awareness of spherical consciousness, and we, as we breathe, hold this awareness at all times.
Gaia has need of us as the right brain. Gaia has need of you as the left brain, but no longer is this a division to be maintained. Electromagnetic fields of the Earth are changing, which allows a reconstruction of these grids of left and right.
In order for the Mother to make her ascension, right and left brain must act as one, and for this you need to develop this spherical consciousness. In spherical consciousness, there is no separation between left and right, or matter and spirit, or any of the polarities that you experience in daily living. Allow yourself to move into this new awareness.
So ascension is simply the flowering of new life, and in the fruits of that new life, the Earth gives seed and the seeds multiply. It is a very natural cycle.
The triggers within your cellular consciousness are already being probed. Your mind has nothing to do with it because your will, your intention, and your surrender create this activity, and then from this submerged place within your deep unconscious, the seeds begin to bear fruit.
There is a time when the curtains will be parted for all consciousness on this planet. It is to come soon. The ground is being prepared for this parting of the curtains. In that moment, for it will be a moment, you will be tested. Your choices will be weighed, and if you so choose, ascension will be once more the natural cycle rather than death, or rather than participation in the game of separation, a game that you've known in your history from times before Atlantis.
There was a time not very long ago, a time that you may remember. You remember the days of the Mer people in their human and cetacean forms merged. The two kingdoms were one. The two brains were unified. Now is the time that the Mer people are returning, not in physical form, but within the Earth's consciousness.
Go back into the storehouses of your mind. Remember those days. The cells carry the memories. Many of you were incarnate in the bodies of the ocean people. Many of us were incarnate within the human people.
I speak to you in words that you hear within your minds, but my greater communication to you is now in creating a passageway that allows your spherical minds to become activated-perhaps the experience of throbbing in the back of your head. Perhaps you hear a sound or a tone within that space. Perhaps there are pieces and fragments of your soul returning to you now that have been disconnected and lost. Perhaps you are remembering your true destiny that fills the Earth with a sense of knowing, a sense of joy, a sense of peace. We ask you to trust this knowing, not because you understand with your minds the steps this requires, but because of your intent and desire to join your will with the will of the Earth, the will of the Creator.
Fulfill that destiny that has been chosen for you, those of you who have incarnated on this planet, for we are one mind and know each other already without veils of separation. We know what is known of your future, which to us is already present. It is the end of timelines. It is the end of separation. It is the end of death and the beginning of her birth. The new children being born among you know this, for many of them have indeed lived in cetacean bodies before. We are one.

I feel that anything I could say after this message from the White Whale would have to be profoundly mundane, yet I feel compelled to add that about a week after this communication I was in conversation with a woman I had met in the bay. As we climbed out she shared her own life-changing experiences of swimming with whales, and then said something which sent tingles all the way through me. I hadn't said anything to her about my encounter with the Great One, when she excitedly asked me, "Do you know that they have actually seen a baby white whale off the coast of Australia?"

I would like to end this chapter with a sober request. The U.S. Navy has been experimenting with LFAS sonar frequencies that are adversely affecting marine mammals, particularly whales and dolphins, in ways that we cannot begin to imagine. Many have died as a result. The tuna industry is still granted the right to kill 100,000 dolphins a year and still maintain the "dolphin safe" label on their cans, the US military still "takes" a large number of cetaceans, either as "collateral damage" from weapons testing, or as captive slaves used as actual weaponry. Indiscriminate whaling is still permitted in international waters. Offshore oil companies still use high-pitched seismic testing and explosives in their explorations with little regard for ocean life.
Meanwhile, the same agency that sanctions many of these deaths, the National Marine Fisheries Service, is now seeking to pass a federal law that would outlaw human-dolphin play. Check out cetacean-nation.com, whalesong.net, www.nrdcaction.org, and seashepherd.com for details, and ways you can make a difference. Two beautiful websites on experiencing the healing energies of cetaceans are angelfire.com/trek/dolphindreams, and IamDolphinus.com.

I have heard that the cetaceans have completed their contract with 3-D Earth and are choosing to leave now. Perhaps this is true, I don't know, and perhaps they leave so they might welcome our collective emergence into the ascended Earth. Yet, I would rather know that this is truly their choice than a choice that is made for them by human greed and blindness. I do know that on a 3-D level, if the remaining whales and dolphins die, we all die. And I also know that I personally am not ready for them to go yet!

Kiara Windrider

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