Power, vitality, competence, endurance, positive energy, recognition, and attainment. Ego strength in the sense of the higher self. Self-mastery as it subjugates wild, unbridled, or brutal energy. Being a spiritual warrior. Ability to rise to a challenge and sustain energy and motivation. Inspiration by "strong heroes and heroines." Being in our own power; clear of interference, so our strength can rise to the occasion. From our strength comes our manifestations. Like the dolphins, our strength can also be found in our gentleness. True strength is quiet and doesn't need to display machismo. The ability to go on, in adverse conditions, letting adversity build our strength. Detachment from outcome, gives us strength to act or endure. Spiritual strength, as we allow the universal holy spirit to flow through us. Sacred places, or power spots, on the Earth that give us strength.

The above text is an abridged version taken from The Guide to the Dolphin Divination Cards by Nancy Clemens