The Food Chain

Issues are up about how we nourish ourselves ... our food, our cooking. The nutritional and herbal knowledge we use in healing ourselves, family, and friends. Perhaps our issue is about the food we hunt or fish, and where that falls in nature's food chain. Perhaps a physical problem is rooted in a diet that is not quite right for our body type, climate, or physical vulnerabilities. Where are we, on the food chain, and where is our food? Our relationship to food ... and using food as sacred medicine. Issues of preparedness for self-sufficiency. Living without grocery stores, if need be. Food storage, gardens, and greenhouses. Skills in recognizing edible wild plants. Is our food clean and free of toxins? Is there contamination from chemicals, steroids, hormones, and heavy metal toxicity? Do we need to fast for a few days, or reduce our food intake?

The above text is an abridged version taken from The Guide to the Dolphin Divination Cards by Nancy Clemens