Hidden Treasure

Something precious that is hidden ... perhaps something in yourself that needs to be uncovered. Your inner child, a forgotten sense of humor ... love that has been hiding behind a shielded heart. A literal treasure, buried in your backyard, attic or basement, or under the ground or sea. The finding of a lost object ... something treasured. Finding a beautiful stone or crystal, half buried or submerged. A gold nugget. A person who has been hiding their light under a bushel basket of shyness or fear. Finally, letting your light shine. A secret teaching from the ancient ones ... old knowledge derived from a discovery of a ruin or remnant of an ancient culture. A rare and true friend. Teachings hidden in the ethers. Your own enlightened mind hiding under layers of obscurities waiting to be purified and liberated.

The above text is an abridged version taken from The Guide to the Dolphin Divination Cards by Nancy Clemens