A card of union and joyfulness. The person with whom we choose to share our life's adventures and love. The coming together of lovers, mates, best friends, or a teacher and student. This is the bonding of two, for fun, companionship, love and sharing. Pairing could be twins, teammates, soul-mates, or a "heartship" of any kind ... even a coming marriage. A polarizing, energetic exchange between two. Pairing also shows the inner growth we do to make our partnership healthy, cooperative, and loving; "shoulder to shoulder" and "back to back": helping each other through the trials and storms of life. Coming together out of strength rather than neediness. Cultivating and nurturing the relationship so its passion can be sustained, like a wildfire that never burns out.

The above text is an abridged version taken from The Guide to the Dolphin Divination Cards by Nancy Clemens