I have been living on the Big island of Hawaii, and received this beautiful message from the whales. Would like to share it and more with the world.
Aloha, Marie Rose

Bringing in the light of consciousness, I came here to the beach today to send love and light to the whales and the dolphins, and I then received from the light of my soul, being blessed with resonance and golden light from the masters, a reminder that we are so close with the veil thinning. I see and feel the golden light everywhere, radiant joy emanating from my cells, to my cells, through my cells, all my cells crying out, we are one, we are one with all that is. The beauty of this song fills me with joy. Then I move to attune to the whales and the dolphins, Brothers and sisters of the sea, I know you are here to assist us. I embrace you in my heart, and align with you now to open to any assistance that I may share with you. And, deeply from within my core, the strands of DNA, illuminate through me, a dance of colour and rainbow shimmering light pulsates through my being, and I FEEL the response of the whales, a universal AUM.

"We are gad you are here and we honor the work that you are doing here to lighten up the humans. We also know the difficulty you have with other humans who distract themselves from their true purpose here, which is to simply know their own beauty, their own inner light radiance is enough to heal the world. We understand your concerns for the pollution in the oceans, and yes it has affected our physical forms, but we too allow all of this as it is a measure of the illusion here, and one day when human hearts see their potential for clearing the illusion from their field, each one a bright light, MAGNETIZING the light unto them, will create such clearing, that these poisons in the ocean, which are the same poisons of doubt, disbelief and uncertainty in each one's field around claiming their light as TRUTH, which is indeed claiming one's own power to shift and change all that has come before. Then can the waters of life be pure once again. We ask you then not to be so concerned with our safety.

"We cetaceans are perfectly capable of taking care of ourselves, for we take responsibility for ourselves in that we live in our hearts and resound the joy that we are throughout the waters in which we live. We send that joy to you and when you see us, interact with us, and know us, you know, deeply know, that love is all there is.

"So, we invite you to stay in your beautiful hearts, wherever you are, feel the joy and the love that you are, and resonate that peace out into the world. Yes, your world is troubled, and the trouble lies within; for you do not accept how powerful and beautiful you truly are. When you step into and embrace all the love that you are, you return to the gift of creation that pulses through you, and you can heal all the unbalanced circumstances in your lives that were created from fear and separation, rather than from love.

"We bless you and anoint you with much joy, for that as you know is your natural state of being, as it is our delight to share with you on this vast, perfectly beautiful planet, where we share life."