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 What's the difference between a shore swim and one from the boat?

It's important to understand that whatever interaction that takes place between humans and dolphins is entirely up to the dolphins. There's no way a swimmer can get close to the dolphins unless they allow it. So, we always try to act friendly and non-aggressive when they are around; floating or just kicking with our fins - arms at our sides. If they sense there is no threat, they could move in closer to have a better look and vibe you with a sonar beam to "see" through you.

The waters along the Kona coast are highly charged with Cetacean (dolphins and whales) vibrational frequencies that covers the broadest of measurable spectrums. We can learn to "hear" these subtle frequencies, just as the dolphins do, with our "inner ears" and perceptive abilities. Listening becomes a key to this new awareness.

There are only a few select places where the dolphins may come into a protected bay that is accessible by humans. Because these are resting areas we are always quite respectful and are careful to observe the dolphins before entering the water. If the conditions are right and the dolphins are receptive, one can have a marvelous time playing with them. Such conditions are never predictable, however. The dolphins may not show up at one of their 'usual' protected bays for whatever reason (it's a big ocean out there) and if you spend your time driving one morning at dawn to one of these areas, you may miss them. There is that chance even on a boat, but because we can cruise up the coast for several miles, we increase the chances to upwards to 90+% for at least seeing dolphins and whales and possibly interacting on some level. It's important to realize also that you are already interacting with the cetacean pods even if you never actually SEE them. The very water molecules contain information! So, be prepared to look beyond seeing for the answers you may seek.


What about sacred journeys on the land while I'm on the Big Island?

The sacred journeys are somewhat specialized depending on how you may choose to interact with the vital "aina," the land, here on this sacred island.

A volcano trip, for example, will easily take an entire day and into the night if you wish to stay and watch the lava pour into the ocean at night. Really quite spectacular.

There are also over night excursions to see other parts of the island as well, each tailored to your needs and desires.

The "podners" of Dolphinville who do this type of thing are quite sensitive to both the land and the people with whom they take on such a journey. Prices vary with each, so perhaps you can give me some idea of what you like, such as hiking, kayaking, surfing, climbing, relaxing, meditating and so on, so I can guide you to someone to work with you. For example, are you looking for a "Goddess" journey or perhaps more into doing yoga in the rain forest. That type of thing.

There's also trips to other places all over the island, each spectacular in it's own way and worth seeing if you have the time and inclination. Some of these trips include Hilo side gardens and waterfalls, the primordial Waipi'o Valley and very cool Honokaa town, or the trip to Hawi's galleries and shops and stunning coastal views to the North where the Humpbacks play in numbers right off shore.

If you want to stand on sacred ground in the rarefied air of 14000 feet, a trip to the observatories at the top of Mauna Kea can be made available to you. As you can imagine, these trips vary in price according to the itinerary and any exclusive arrangements made with the particular guide. Prices can start as low as $60 for a small trip, to several hundred if you decide to add something like a plane ride to the agenda.


 What about a massage while I'm there?

There are a number of massage therapists who do out calls to your Resort (extra fee) or in their healing studios, all offering individual modalities. Lomi-Lomi style is a popular Hawaiian based practice while other traditional forms run from Swedish to Shiatsu and Accupressure. Some people like energy work such a Rieki or Polarity. There are also therapists who either combine or focus on this type of practice as well. Do you prefer a female practitioner to a male? Deep Tissue style release? Have special physical considerations that need particular attention? The more we know the better we can match you with someone best suited to serve your needs.


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