"The Purple Ray of Compassion"
a dolphin story from Trish Regan's book series,
Essential Joy: Finding It, Keeping It, Sharing It

 "As a theme for one of our seminars a few years ago we had gotten the message before the commencement of the seminar that our group was to bring in a very high resonance of compassion to share with the world. We were to wrap people up in compassion like elegant novelty beach towels and this is when I learned of the purple diamond ray. This new level of compassion would come to us in the form of a diamond shaped purple ray. We were to bring it in during meditation through our crown chakras at the top of our heads and allow it to come into our hearts. From there we would radiate it out into the world to share with all. It was a wonderful seminar and we did just that.

The seminar ended on Friday. The following Sunday morning at seven sharp I was awakened with an irresistible message to find the dolphins! I told Doug that I would meet him at the bay and promptly left with great anticipation. After checking the first nearby bay and seeing that the dolphins were not there, I was drawn to the next bay a few minutes away. There I found about eighty dolphins circling in the small deep area, close to shore, where they often visited. Slipping quietly into the water, very soon I found myself surrounded by these beautiful beings. As generous as they are, I soon felt as though I was a part of the pod and merged into a blissful state of being. Very soon I received the message that they had invited me there in order to allow them to help me to send the purple ray to the world.

I proceeded to consciously send the purple ray of compassion to all the areas of the world that were experiencing strife. Energetically I went to Israel and “saw” a Palestinian and a Jew hugging and absorbing the purple ray, experiencing deep forgiveness and compassion for each other. Next I found myself in Bosnia, Africa, Northern Ireland, and so on, sharing the purple ray and seeing compassion bringing about deep healing.

During the next hour and half as the dolphins and I extended this energy, I grew to experience a state of pure love. As I swam, the water looked purple and I felt the dolphins joining their hearts to mine as we proceeded to channel the purple ray of compassion to all areas of the world in strife. I could feel the hearts of those in conflict opening to this sublime compassion, to this understanding and love as they hugged each other. It was bliss! I was in a state of pure Love or Agape.

Suddenly, after being this way with the dolphins for what seemed to be eternity, I looked up and encountered an angry woman in a kayak next to me. She was screaming and cursing at me and commanding me to “leave the dolphins alone!” She shouted at me that I was harassing the dolphins. Her tirade continued but my state of being was of such love and bliss I allowed her anger to just flow right through me. Feeling compassion for her and being in my personal power on such a high level, I opened my heart to her and shared that I truly felt I was not harassing the dolphins in any way and wished them no harm. Being careful to avoid defending myself or arguing with this angry woman, I simply explained softly my intention to help the world. Her shouting and swearing continued. I told her of my intention to experience the healing of these gentle creatures and that they came to me and swam under me and all around me . . . I hardly swam at all. She did not want to hear any of this. I explained that I subscribe to the widely held belief that the dolphins are here to heal the world. She couldn’t take it in or really “hear” me, and left in a huff.

Turning to see where the dolphins were, I noticed that they had removed themselves from this situation and had moved to the other end of the bay. The work was done anyway, I thought, and I wished to avoid causing these people more distress, so I turned to make my way back to shore. On my swim back I saw this woman’s husband waiting for me on the lava. He, too, was agitated and began to curse me with much of the same energy. By now there had gathered other swimmers who were sitting very close to the place of entry. Normally I would have swam two miles to avoid this confrontation, but being in such a pure state of love, I courageously stepped out of the water with this irate man awaiting me there.

He came right up to me, glared directly into my eyes, and continued spewing his wrath at me with ferocious force. As I stood there and listened to him without resistance (my state of pure love intact), I could see in his eyes his genuine concern for the dolphins. I “granted him beingness.” I felt as though I could see into his soul and thought to myself, “I really like him as a brother, a fellow traveler on this sometime rocky path of life.” Again, as I maintained eye contact with him, I gently explained my deep belief in the dolphins’ healing powers and my earnest intention never to harm them. As my message began to sink in (or maybe it was simply the purple ray), he began to soften. Since I was in such a vulnerable and exquisitely spiritual space, I suddenly began to cry. It hit me that this was a perfect metaphor for war; two different belief systems held within the hearts of human beings who are innately “the same.” As I melted into this understanding, he “got” it too and his demeanor completely changed. He came over closer to me, put his hand on my shoulder and said to me, “I can tell that you are a good person, and I shouldn’t talk to anyone like that . . . I’m sorry.” This opened the avenue for conversation. I told him I was sorry to have caused him and his wife any upset and that I would be more conscious of the way I swam with the dolphins in the future (maybe spend less time, or stay in one place, etc.)

This man’s wife came running back to us shouting, “I have the phone number of the National Marine Fisheries . . . “ and the husband quickly said to her, “No, she is a good person.” His wife joined us and we continued to talk. They both continued to soften and open. We came to a middle ground . . . they understood me and I understood them. They thought I was trying to catch the dolphin’s tail when I would playfully dive down to meet them. “No,” I said, “I would never do that! The dolphins like us to play in this way.” The woman said that she thought the dolphins were angry when they spouted their breath when they surfaced. “No, this is how they breathe,” I assured her. It was obvious that these people were just as concerned about the dolphins as I am—there was just a lack of understanding. As I prepared to leave, the man said to me, “They’re still out there, go ahead, swim with them.” I felt that our hearts had connected in brotherly love and we were immersed in the wondrous purple ray of compassion. The dolphins knew what they were doing!

I learned first hand that I could let others’ fears flow through me and avoid taking on their fear by standing in my personal power, truth and love. I did not have to fight, and my compassionate listening served a peaceful coming together in a potentially volatile situation. You can do this too by being aware of others’ needs to vent their fear and anger at times, without taking it into your own aura and being. Taking personally someone’s need to express leads to entanglement and absorption of their fears. Standing in love and compassion is the power."