Dolphinville community meeting

Dolphinville, Hawaii is a community of people who have become friends because of our common love and respect for dolphins and whales. There are approximately 200 of us and we live here in separate homes along a 30 mile stretch of the Kona Coast, connected in Spirit to each other. Many of us who live here were 'called' by the dolphins. We have become like a family who swim, meditate and work together.

Meditation gathering

The Aloha Spirit of the ancient and present Hawaiian people merges with our love for the dolphins and is absorbed into the fiber of our Being. Their love and respect for nature, the ocean and the Elders, has been communicated to us as we live together on this beautiful island in the sun.Island in the sun.

Swimming among the dolphins day after day, we are in deep communication with them. Due to this close contact, we have developed life-styles that are fulfilling. We seek harmony, in communication with Nature, humanitarian co-operative projects, health, happiness, music, meditations, creativity and higher consciousness. We enjoy sharing the messages of the dolphins. This Hawaiian dolphin-human relationship is unique in the world.

Joan swimming free with her friends.

Dolphinville friends offer a variety of services for you who plan to visit the Big Island. From the premier snorkeling of Kahaluu Bay to the deep blue abyss of the Pacific, we can safely assist you and enrich your understanding of what it means to be an ocean being. So many of us have spent countless hours snorkeling and swimming, developing a special rapport with the cetaceans. Several of us also take people to the many sacred places that have been marked by the ancient Hawaiian culture or exist as natural landmarks with vibrant energies to uplift and rejuvenate. We are here, able to assist you in your journeys.

Podners with Joan Ocean

Angela knows where how to relax you.

In addition we have talented, skilled residents who provide services such as ocean seminars, community meditations, lomi-lomi massage, yoga classes, counseling, Readings, dolphin videos, books, art, music and sacred weddings. Here's some frequently asked quesitons.





Living on this small island, the most remote place on Planet Ocean, can be defined by the joy we share with one another and the magnificent realities shared with the dolphins and whales.

On the water again

Curious encountersWe are the Ocean People, the Podners who act as a bridge to this wonderful sentient race of beings we call the Cetaceans. Most of us have been drawn to this area of Planet Ocean to experience the unfolding of the drama of the 'Human Experiment' that is taking place before us and participate in the celebration of who we really are by remembering our core connection to the Source of All That Is.

So, please join us for the fun and adventure of being here in Hawaii, the very center of the largest geographic feature on our planet, the Pacific. The home of the active volcano, Kilauea, the spirit of Goddess Pele, and the gateway to higher consciousness through pure Joy and Unconditional Love.

Jack's Birthday party!

We look forward to meeting You!

With warm regards from the
Big Island Dolphin Community,


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